Summer Holiday in London? Yes you can! Going “Beachless”
The school summer holidays have now officially begun and as many people jet off for a week or two abroad, there are plenty more summer weeks to fill at home as well as those of us who might not have any plans to leave London this summer.
As we build our houses and apartments mostly in South and South East London, we know it can be quite a journey to get to the seaside and in this weather, we also feel the call of the water! That’s why we decided to share with you our two favourite water spots, both not too far to get to so that you (and the kids) can enjoy some “beachless” summer fun.
Whether you are happy or sad about the heatwave, finding somewhere to enjoy the water is one thing you don’t need to get stressed about!
Do you have any favourite spots to hang out in the summer? Let us know down below…
1. Mordon Hall Park,
Mordon Hall Road, Mordon SM4 5JD
What to Expect:
Mordon Hall, situated on the picturesque River Wandle is run by the National Trust offers acres of natural space where you can simply wander around or take in specific visitor attractions. There is plenty to do, including the nature trail, snuff mill, gallery, second hand book shop and garden centre There is a café although unless you’re just getting coffee, it is not cheap but this is offset by free entry. Plus, if you’re planning a short visit, parking is free for up to an hour and a half.
Other ticketed events also take place including the open air theatre production of ‘Wind in the Willows’, adult and children honeybee talk and family moth trapping and bat walk.
Why we Love it:
Acres and acres of beautiful grounds situated alongside a clear, flowing river with plenty of places to enjoy the shady, waterside breeze and quiet picnic spots. Dogs can enjoy off-lead walks in most areas, just check out the signs and kids can get up close to nature.
The stunning rose garden offers adults and children a chance to open up their imagination, made even more like a fairy tale with the meandering stream running through.
Kids can be entertained with the nature detectives trail which also takes you along the Boardwalk within the Wetlands where you can watch for wildlife, like the elusive Kingfishers who live here.
How to get there:
Mordon Park is accessible by tram with Phipps Bridge stop within the grounds and a half mile walk to the main area.
You can also cycle there, drive, bus or even walk via the Wandle Trail!
Top Tips:
Take a picnic and some fishing nets, but please don’t bring BBQs or gazebos and don’t feed the wildlife. This helps the park rangers keep Mordon Park’s wildlife and other visitors safe and sound.

2. Foots Cray Meadows
London Borough of Bexley
What to expect:
Foots Cray Meadows lay across the trickling River Cray. You can find a kids play area along the river and an ice cream van with plenty of spots to set up for a picnic and hunt for tadpoles. It is a bustling yet not overcrowded local haunt for families seeking a bit of outdoors in the good weather.
Why we love it:
This is another great, natural spot for kids and pets plus when you’ve had enough, you can head into Sidcup or Bexley for coffee and snacks. The Five Arch Bridge is like a painting and is actually a legacy to the original estate which burnt down in 1949.
How to get there:
There is a free car park at Foots Cray Place but it’s quite small and parking can be a bit tricky so we recommend looking up on Google Maps as there are plenty of side roads you can leave the car. There’s also a map of entry points on the Foots Cray meadows website.
Albany Park is the nearest train station and there are a number of bus stops in the area. Y
Top Tips:
Take a picnic and find a spot to chill for the day. The website itself is a bit out of date but it’s really useful for the map, visitor guidelines and general info!

Stay Safe This Summer
Check out the range of guides on the government website to stay safe this summer:

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